What's new in Teenage Lawnmower v 1.15 beta 1

  • Weed Killer special item added
  • The DirectMusic based sound system was completely replaced with FMOD, this appears to give much better performance on levels with many 3d sounds, such as the falling boulder levels.
  • Added button highlights with sound effect to the main menu
  • Added button flash effect to make it more clear what you clicked
  • Added cancel button to difficulty selection menu
  • Added "video options" button to the configuration menu
  • 800 X 600 is now the smallest resolution you can choose (GUI won't show correctly smaller than that)
  • Higher resolutions are now supported better by the GUI
  • Added a forward/backward button to the joystick support, pressing up/down on a controller was too hard on some controllers
  • Sound on Sound Blaster Audigy cards improved
  • Default difficulty changed from easy to normal
  • If you enter a blank name while starting a game it just cals you "stranger" instead nothing.
  • Fixed some misc typos in the storyline
  • The mouse now remembers it's position, so you can move it off the screen to visually get rid of it if you're playing with the gamepad
  • Mole model tweaked
  • Camera can't go behind a wall of trees at Eve's house
  • ENTER key can now be used for key re-mapping
  • Touched up a few characters to make them less "poser"
  • Converted some larger sound files to .ogg to save space
  • Added new sfx when mowing is successfully completed
  • Gamepad controls improved, added forward/reverse buttons you can use in additional to up/down
  • Mutes sound when losing focus
  • Lightning will no longer knock the player over walls, wasn't really fair
  • Object/Object collision detection is now much faster, using the SphereTree method from Game Programming Gems.
  • Many misc engine improvements, resource handling improved.
  • No longer causes your modem to dial-up to check for updates. (thanks to Steve Verreault)

    -- Removed Features --

  • Modding support removed, unfortunately various engine changes made it necessary to drop the support considering barely any mods were made. Save it for the next game, guys. :)

    -- BUGFIXES --

    BUGFIX: Fixed bug in sprite rendering code that caused things to be disorted by 1 pixel
    BUGFIX: Now properly disappears if you hit escape to cancel the escape menu while mowing
    BUGFIX: Fixed laggy mouse problem that some systems had in fullscreen, vsynced mode
    BUGFIX: Fixed Z-fighting problem on some cards (very new ATI cards without W buffer support especially)

What's new in version 1.09:

  • Many engine improvements
  • Objects can be knocked over fences
  • Added gamepad/joystick support
  • Added Sync on/off button (options menu)
  • Added Toggle windowed button (options menu)
  • Main menu can be controlled with joystick or keyboard also now
  • Conversations will autoscroll if you try to choose without reading the rest
  • Textbox clicking feels a bit better

What's new in version 1.06:

  • Added script command EntPicRenderText() to render unicode fonts over a picture
  • Sound processing takes less cycles
  • Fixed crash when changing resolution after a MOD was loaded
  • Mods load faster
  • Font code improved to be more reliable across all Windows versions
  • Made the demo download a bit smaller to reduce bandwidth

What's new in version 1.05:

  • Added support for running user made levels/mods! (MODS) (TLM Level Editor available as a separate download from www.rtsoft.com)
  • Added "-windowed" parm support to startup in a window
  • Fixed font quirks on some 98 systems
  • Fixed some typos in the game story
  • Handles corrupted saved games gracefully

What's new in version 1.01:

  • Lawn mower can turn in place - (you don't have to be pressing forward or backwards) - a lot of people requested (especially Justin Martin) - it's a poor substitute for using V and backing up for complex maneuvers but should really help new players not get frustrated with the controls.
  • Start/stop engine key is remappable - Some people wanted to try their Quake keys to control and the S key being start/stop was in the way.
  • Numeric keypad now works correctly with keyboard mapping.

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