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Funeral Quest is a web-based multi-player game that simulates the world's second oldest profession - the Undertaker.

You will face some mighty stiff competition however, because your adversaries will be some very alive human beings in this cutthroat game of capitalism.

UPDATE April 15th 2018:

Seth has made FQ free and put the server up for download! If you run an FQ game, let Seth know and he'll put a URL here to your game.

More info and the file downloads are here

This is a really old game that Seth and Akiko did. It uses the unholy combination of an MFC based C++ server and a Flash based client for the players.

Currently active games:

Jon's FQ Server (Only works with Microsoft Edge browser?)

FQ links:

Funeral Quest Forums

For FQ downloads, see Seth's recent blog post

Dan's FQ Strats page and FQ Mods page