About Funeral Quest

Funeral Quest is a multiplayer flash game created by Seth and Akiko Robinson something like eight years ago.

The idea is that you come on play your 'turns' for the day in just a few minutes and need to come back the next day to do anything else.

We used to license the game to other websites but due to several factors (its age, time costs of support, etc) FQ is now back as an rtsoft.com exclusive, at least until something breaks!.

More info and credits here.

  • Realtime interaction with other players like old school BBS games.
  • Works with a standard web browser on all platforms. (Flash 5 or newer required)
  • Nearly 100% Vector based artwork, fullscreen is full resolution on ANY size screen.
  • In game chat room.
  • "Bereave" Emotion engine, your customers have real feelings, can you figure them out?
  • Created by Seth A. Robinson, the guy who wrote Legend Of The Red Dragon.
  • Completely free to play.
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