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Deep in the RTsoft underground lair, Seth's shirtless body glistens as he brings the hammer down to forge yet another strange game.

Hmm, hopefully that ugly mental picture didn't completely scare you away.

Older things (for the latest stuff, check the home page)

Legend Of The Red Dragon (LORD)

The award winning BBS game I wrote 25+ years ago. I've since sold it, along with Planets: TEOS and LORD II, to Gameport where it can still be purchased. Old school FTW! Questions? Check my FAQ here.


Ok, fine, this isn't a game. It's a tray-app I wrote that informs you when webpages have been updated. Plus 18 other cool features. Supports Windows 7, 8, and 10. Totally free.


3D online multiplayer tank combat that lets Android, iPhone, and webOS users blow the heck out of each other. High Scores. Multiplayer server has been retired, but you can still use the local 4 player battle mode until Apple/Google eventually take it down.

Funeral Quest

Seth's most disturbing game yet - the multiplayer flash game that lets you run your own funeral parlor! Free to play and run your own server. More info here.

Blip Arcade

Four player arcade action played on a single iPhone! Compete in three retro style games to win a tournament with your friends. Apple removed it and it's sort of too much work to update it. :(

Teenage Lawnmower

Save your troubled family in this dramatic 3D simulation. Watch Youtube trailer. It's now free and open source. (Github)

Novashell Game Creation System

Want to make your own RPG or side-scroller? Try using Seth's game maker-thingie. Not updated anymore, source available.
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