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We are an independent game developer located in Japan that makes cool games and weird projects.

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A blog post detailing my obsessive dive into generative AISubfish:  Search youtube channels for spoken words, export clips to Premiere/DaVinci Resolve timelineInput lag fun – measuring Atari 2600 latency from controller to display with an ArduinoUniversal Game Translator – Using Google’s Cloud Vision API to live-translate Japanese games played on original consoles (try UGM yourself!)Spawning annoying black holes in Fortnite to force a kid to exercisePaperCart – Make an Atari 2600 that plays QR codes

Featured Games - All these are free with no ads/spyware!

Dink Smallwood HD

Dink Smallwood HD is free, open source and available for many platforms. It supports in-game DMOD browsing and installation too! (Github) (Web version)

Dungeon Scroll

If a word game and a dungeon crawler had a baby, this would be it. Free! High Scores. Free web version

Mind Wall

Mind Wall is our original puzzle/arcade game. For PC and mobile devices. High Scores.

Proton SDK

Seth's free open source cross platform C++ game framework can put your game on Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and WebOS. Visit www.protonsdk.com for more info. (Github)


Growtopia is a multiplayer creative sandbox created by Seth and Hamumu Software. It was acquired by Ubisoft in early 2017. Seth's Growtopia F.A.Q.
For older stuff like Funeral Quest, Tanked & Toolfish check our older things!

Please note: We will not provide compensation for your damaged brain. Because make no mistake, these games will blow your mind!

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