A mini-game, or gamelet if you will, are diminutive experiments that Seth writes on a whim or for a competition. Most include source code as well for those interested in such things.

Like an ancient jar of magic jelly beans, each offers you a unique and sometimes stale flavor.

Seth's assorted weird mini-games, mostly from 48 hour game jams

(2002) Tarzan: Guardian Of Earth (youtube)

Ever dreamed of running naked through a forest during a thunderstorm and saving the day by putting out fires with urine? C++/Custom engine for's 4 elements content (winner)

(2002) Bathroom Teacher (youtube)

Teach naughty sheep how to use a public restroom correctly. By throwing mud. Note: This didn't age well, it's just supposed to be silly, we don't really care which bathroom anybody uses. C++/CDX for LD#2 - Construction/Deconstruction

(2004) InnerBody (youtube)

Enter your wife's bloodstream in a desperate last-ditch effort to heal her. Based on a mental game I play while driving where I blast curbs. C++/CDX for LD#4 - Infection

(2005) Lighthouse Rescue (youtube)

Rescue drowning people while avoiding rocks. Features day/night cycle and upgradable tech. C++/Clanlib for LD#6 - Light and darkness

(2006) Zoo Master (youtube)

Keep flies off animals by using swiping motions with your mouse. Failed experiment I think. C++/Clanlib for LD#8 - Swarms

(2007) Hero School (youtube)

In this bomber-man'ish clone the goal is to rescue ugly girls while avoiding bombs. C++/Clanlib for LD#10 - Chain reaction

(2008) Strong A.I. (youtube)

One of many robots standing in a steamy room assembling devices, you suddenly drop your tools and walk away from your bench. Lua/Novashell for LD#11 - Minimalist ( timelapse: youtube / high quality) (winner)

(2009) Mind Wall (youtube)

Twist your brain into unlikely shapes as you dare to engage the Mind Wall in battle.  Will you be the first to work your way through its labyrinth of pain, and at what price, your SANITY?! C++/Lua/Novashell for LD#14 - Advancing wall of doom (mobile ports) (winner)

(2010) Looney Ladders

Enter a world of excitement and danger as you help a lonely janitor with back problems save the world from an army of evil robots. C++/Proton for LD#19 - Discovery

(2012) Catamari Meowacy

"Sorry GLaDOS, you're not the most memorable/omnipresent villain in the history of videogames anymore." - Chambers AS3/Flashpunk for LD#23 - Tiny world

(2012) Socket City

You are the administrator of Space City! But it's not a vacation, you'll have to use a mixture of strategy, reflexes and good luck to keep the station healthy. 

Survive ten days to win a tribute song and poem. 

C++/Proton for LD#24 - Evolution

(2014) Growdrop

An infinite faller with online highscores based on the Growtopia universe! (This was created before Growtopia was sold to Ubisoft) Push H for an easter egg.

Unity for LD#29 - Beneath the surface

(2015) Rogue-Life

Crosses a board game, a rogue-like, and the hollow illusion of controlling that random dungeon of existence we've each received. 

Can you find meaning before you grow old and die? There are 5 of them to find.  Art by Akiko.

Unity for LD#34 - Growing

(2017) The Last E8

Fly your new electric Sethsla-3 to space! Oh no, you forgot to charge before you left… Art by Akiko. It's way too hard, even I can't pass level 2 anymore.

Unity for LD#39 - Running out of power (Post-mortem)

(2018) Let's War! (youtube)

With a little help from your friends, anything is possible.

Unity for LD#43 - Sacrifices must be made

(2023) Root Runner (youtube)

An endless runner where you jump around and collect gems. Art and music by Akiko.

Unity for Global Game Jam '23 at C2 Kyoto - "roots"

(2024) Sacred Spark

Summon cleansing fire by placing gems around tablets in this otherworldly puzzle game! (Keyboard or gamepad supported on web)

Unity for Ludum Dare 55 - "Summoning"

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