Novashell Game Creation System 


  • Multi-platform support using the Clanlib library (Windows, OS X , Linux)
  • Open source under a zlib/libpng license
  • Hierarchal goal based AI system enables entities to think and act on events and changing situations in a flexible manner
  • Advanced physics using Erin Catto's Box2D
  • A*Star freeform node based pathfinding capable of navigating an unlimited number of connected maps, warps and doors
  • Lua scripting
  • Free form pixel accurate sprite patch editing as well as emulated conventional tile editing
  • Unlimited zooming in and out, can show entire worlds on the screen in real time
  • Support for irregularly shaped maps, dead space never wastes memory
  • Map dimensions can flexibly change during play, new areas can be added anywhere at any time
  • Optional automatic robust saving allows a fully persistent world
  • Built in world editor with unlimited brush sizes, multiple undo, photoshop-style selection controls, cut and paste of any size
  • Virtual palette map concept, create a map or maps with the tiles you use most to act as a palette to work from
  • Mini-map system that can update its thumbnails on the fly as the world changes
  • "Fast forward" game speed feature, hold down a key to speed things up
  • Visual Profile system makes it easy to apply new looks and animations to entities without modifying the underlying game logic
  • Parallax scrolling with unlimited layers
  • Powerful particle system
  • Supports any resolution in windowed or fullscreen, scaling, rotation, tinting, and mirroring of entities.
  • Advanced audio system supporting music crossfading, positional sounds, and effect filtering such as echo
  • Real-time "Smart Shadow" generation based on collision information
  • Create stand-alone games for any supported OS on any supported OS
  • Comprehensive game modding and modding of a mod support
  • Automatic file associations allow running a downloaded world (.novazip format, which is just a renamed zip) with a single click (Windows and OS X)
  • Built-in Packing & Distribution manager that makes ready to play stand-alone .zips for OS X and Windows, from any OS
  • XML export option to just use it as a map editor
    © Copyright Seth A. Robinson and Robinson Technologies