Haha, no. I've been wanting to do this idea for a few years. It lets me get my feet wet in the world of 3D, write some really interesting dialog and create something original and fun to play.
It's really a hybrid and kind of a new style; it's a mix of interactive story, simulation and arcade action. Many events are pre-scripted and some are based on choices you have made. You also have to worry about time of day, weather and so forth.
No, it is single player only. This type of game really wouldn't work multi-player. (very story based)
Modding is currently not supported.
It's my own D3D engine, I have not given it a fancy name or anything.
Doubtful. This is an RTsoft original that can only be had from here.
You can check the price from here.

If you compare it to the movie industry it's probably a PG13 game. However, with the way the game rating system works I guess it would be mature.

There is some mature content that may not be suitable for younger players and definitely some mower related violence.

DirectX8 compatible 3D graphics card, 600 MHz+ processor.

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